Human IL-13 ELISA

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The U-CyTech sandwich ELISA kits have been developed for cytokine determinations in culture supernatant, serum and plasma. The kit is supplied with all necessary reagents to perform 480 ELISA determinations. A detailed manual is included with each set of ELISA kits. Please click on the kit below for more details.
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Antibody pairs

The antibody pairs have been tested on assay performance with the same secondary reagents and materials as included in the U-CyTech ELISA kits. The antibody pairs are supplied in a 10- or 20-plate format (960 or 1920 determinations, respectively) and are delivered with respectively 5 or 10 vials with standards, 2 or 4 vials SPP conjugate (5-plate format each) and a Technical Data Sheet (TDS). Plates and secondary reagents for ELISA performance can be obtained as separate items (see Auxiliary Products).
Please click on one of the antibody pairs below for more details.
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