Old World monkey IL-2 T cell ELISPOT

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Kits are available in different formats (2- or 5-plate format) with different coloring agents (either for silver or enzymatic staining producing "black" and "red" spots, respectively). They can be supplied with transparent polystyrene-bottomed or PVDF membrane-bottomed (PVDF) plates (see below).
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Cat. No.StainingPlateFormatPrice €
CT127-PR5EnzymaticPVDF *5-plate488.00
* Kits marked with an asterisk do not contain plates. However, the reagents in the kits are suited only for use with PVDF membrane-bottomed plates. PVDF membrane-bottomed plates from Millipore (cat. no. MSIP S4510) are recommended.

Antibody pairs

The antibody pairs have been tested on assay performance with the same secondary reagents and materials as included in the U-CyTech ELISPOT kits. The antibody pairs are supplied in a 10- or 20-plate format (960 or 1920 determinations, respectively) and are delivered with a Technical Data Sheet (TDS). Plates and secondary reagents for ELISPOT performance can be obtained as separate items (see  Auxiliary Products ).
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Cat. No.FormatPrice €