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Safety, immunogenicity, and efficacy of the ML29 reassortant vaccine for Lassa fever in small non-human primates.
Lukashevich, Igor S
Carrion, Ricardo
Salvato, Maria S
Mansfield, Keith
Brasky, Kathleen
Zapata, Juan
Cairo, Cristiana
Goicochea, Marco
Hoosien, Gia E
Ticer, Anysha
Bryant, Joseph
Davis, Harry
Hammamieh, Rasha
Mayda, Maria
Jett, Marti
Patterson, Jean
Vaccine 2008 Sep 26;26: 5246-54

A single injection of ML29 reassortant vaccine for Lassa fever induces low, transient viremia, and low or moderate levels of ML29 replication in tissues of common marmosets depending on the dose of the vaccination. The vaccination elicits specific immune responses and completely protects marmosets against fatal disease by induction of sterilizing cell-mediated immunity. DNA array analysis of human peripheral blood mononuclear cells from healthy donors exposed to ML29 revealed that gene expression patterns in ML29-exposed PBMC and control, media-exposed PBMC, clustered together confirming safety profile of the ML29 in non-human primates. The ML29 reassortant is a promising vaccine candidate for Lassa fever.

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