How to reach U-CyTech biosciences

Customer Service

Would you like to contact someone who can help you with

  • technical support of our products;
  • product selection and ordering;
  • order status, billing, tracking, invoices and support for orders placed;

or if you would like to give us feedback on our products and services:
please do not hesitate and contact our Customer Service (cs @ or fill in our customer survey.

We are looking forward hearing from you and will respond to your inquiry or support request within one business day.

When you contact us and share with us your personal details, you might like to know how we handle your personal data. Please read our Privacy statement for more details on this matter.

Postal Address

U-CyTech biosciences
Yalelaan 48
3584 CM Utrecht
The Netherlands

Phone: +31.85.073 1460
E-mail: click here (info @

Visiting Address

U-CyTech biosciences
Utrecht Science Park
Building: Alexander Numangebouw
Yalelaan 48
3584 CM Utrecht
The Netherlands

Please find the directions to the U-CyTech premises in de download on the bottom of this page.



We also have a worldwide network of distributors.