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Direct comparison of ELISPOT and ELISA-based assays for detection of individual cytokine-secreting cells.
Tanguay, S
Killion, J J
Lymphokine and cytokine research 1994 Aug;13: 259-63

A direct comparison was made between the insoluble ELISPOT, solubilized ELISPOT, and ELISA assays, to detect cytokine secretion by cells, using sterile ELISA plates and commercially available monoclonal antibodies. We evaluated the IL-6 secretion by resident peritoneal macrophages of BALB/c mice and the secretion of IL-2, IL-4, IL-5, and IL-6 by the murine T helper clone, D10.G4.1 cells. Our results demonstrated that ELISPOT can detect cytokine secretion at the single cell level in either adherent or nonadherent cells. The level of detection by ELISPOT was 10 to 200 times more sensitive than ELISA performed on culture supernatants. We also demonstrated that the solubilized ELISPOT can detect cytokine secretion by cells with greater sensitivity than conventional ELISA. These ELISPOT assays can be used to characterize the cytokine secretion pattern of different cell populations in a simple, reproducible, and reliable manner.