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Sustained viremia suppression by SHIVSF162P3CN-recalled effector-memory CD8+ T cells after PD1-based vaccination.
Wong, Yik Chun
Liu, Wan
Yim, Lok Yan
Li, Xin
Wang, Hui
Yue, Ming
Niu, Mengyue
Cheng, Lin
Ling, Lijun
Du, Yanhua
Chen, Samantha M Y
Cheung, Ka-Wai
Wang, Haibo
Tang, Xian
Tang, Jiansong
Zhang, Haoji
Song, Youqiang
Chakrabarti, Lisa A
Chen, Zhiwei
PLoS pathogens 2021 Jun;17(6): e1009647

HIV-1 functional cure requires sustained viral suppression without antiretroviral therapy. While effector-memory CD8+ T lymphocytes are essential for viremia control, few vaccines elicit such cellular immunity that could be potently recalled upon viral infection. Here, we investigated a program death-1 (PD1)-based vaccine by fusion of simian immunodeficiency virus capsid antigen to soluble PD1. Homologous vaccinations suppressed setpoint viremia to undetectable levels in vaccinated macaques following a high-dose intravenous challenge by the pathogenic SHIVSF162P3CN. Poly-functional effector-memory CD8+ T cells were not only induced after vaccination, but were also recalled upon viral challenge for viremia control as determined by CD8 depletion. Vaccine-induced effector memory CD8+ subsets displayed high cytotoxicity-related genes by single-cell analysis. Vaccinees with sustained viremia suppression for over two years responded to boost vaccination without viral rebound. These results demonstrated that PD1-based vaccine-induced effector-memory CD8+ T cells were recalled by AIDS virus infection, providing a potential immunotherapy for functional cure.

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