mAb anti-human IFN-γ (clone MD-2)

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mAb anti-human IFN-γ (clone MD-2) - 0.5 mg
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clone MD-2
The monoclonal antibody to human IFN-γ (clone MD-2) was first described in 1985. It has shown to binds with high affinity to both natural and recombinant human IFN-γ but does not neutralize the antiviral bioactivity of IFN-γ in vitro. In a Western Blot the antibody reacts with the 20 kDa and 25 kDa polypeptides present in natural human IFN-γ (van der Meide P.H. et al. 1985). The MD-2 antibody has been descriped as useful in a sandwich ELISA (van Dissel J.T. et al. 2011, Wassenaar A. et al. 1995 and Wierenga E.A. et al. 1990). 

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