mAb anti-rat IFN-γ (clone DB-1)

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mAb anti-rat IFN-γ (clone DB-1) - 0.5 mg
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clone DB-1

The mouse anti-rat IFN-γ monoclonal antibody (clone DB-1) was first described by Van der Meide P.H. et al. in 1989. The rat IFN-γ antibody is of the IgG1 subtype and neutralizes both natural and recombinant rat IFN-γ and mouse IFN-γ in vitro and in vivo (Verma et al. 2006). In Western blot analysis the DB-1 antibody reacts with the 14 kDa and 18 kDa polypeptides present in rat IFN-γ with moderate activity. Clone DB-1 has shown not to bind with rat IFN-α and IFN-β nor human IFNs. Further, biotinyated DB-1 antibody (cat. no. CT035) is highly effective as detector antibody in both sandwich ELISA and ELISPOT assays using DB-12 (cat no. CT052as coating antibody. Also the reverse combination in which the DB-1 antibody functions as coating antibody and biotinylated DB-12 antibody (cat. no. CT033) (Haagmans B.L. et al. 1994) or biotinylated polyclonal antibody to rat IFN-γ as detector antibody (cat. no. CT031can be used in an ELISA and ELISPOT systems (Kubera M. et al. 2004 and Zhu J. et al. 2001). The DB-1 antibody is also applicable in immunohistochemistry on frozen tissues and intracellular staining (Chaudhri G. et al. 2004, Nennesmo I. et al. 1989 and Bernard I. et al. 1998). Other available formats: biotin labeled (cat. no. CT035) and FITC labeled (cat. no. CT034).

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