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A monoclonal antibody selection for immunohistochemical examination of lymphoid tissues from non-human primates.
Kap, Yolanda S
van Meurs, Marjan
van Driel, Nikki
Koopman, Gerrit
Melief, Marie-Jose
Brok, Herbert P M
Laman, Jon D
't Hart, Bert A
The journal of histochemistry and cytochemistry : official journal of the Histochemistry Society 2009 Dec;57: 1159-67

Non-human primates (NHPs) offer valuable animal models for basic research into human diseases and for the preclinical validation of new therapeutics. Detailed in situ examination of the involved cell types using immunohistochemistry is often hampered by the lack of cross-reactive antibodies (Abs). In the current study, we have tested a large panel of monoclonal antibodies raised against human leukocyte differentiation and activation markers for cross-reactivity on cryosections of lymphoid tissue from six NHP species. In total, we have tested 130 Abs against 69 antigens expressed in tissues from one great ape species (chimpanzee/Pan troglodytes), two Old World species (rhesus macaque/Macaca mulatta and cynomolgus macaque/Macaca fascicularis), and three New World species (common marmoset/Callithrix jacchus, cotton-top tamarin/Saguinus oedipus, and owl monkey/Aotus triviogatus). We have found a large panel of cross-reactive Abs: 93 of 102 (91%) in chimpanzee, 97 of 125 (78%) in rhesus macaque, 70 of 109 (64%) in cynomolgus macaque, 69 of 116 (60%) in common marmoset, 40 of 81 (49%) in cotton-top tamarin, and 35 of 80 (44%) in owl monkey. The availability of a reliable panel of cross-reactive markers is important to gaining further insight into immunological processes in disease-affected tissues from NHP species.

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