Human IL-4 ELISA kit

Human IL-4 ELISA
Assay range: 0.5-32 pg/ml
Sensitivity: 0.5 pg/ml
Specificity: nat. and rec. human IL-4
Calibration: rec. human IL-4
Type of sample: serum, plasma, culture supernatant
Addition of a 1000-fold molar excess of soluble IL-4 receptor has minor interference (5%) on the ELISA results.
Catalogue Number
Human IL-4 ELISA kit - 5-plate
€ 485.00
  • coating antibody
  • biotinylated detection antibody
  • Cytokine standard (5x)
  • Streptavidin-HRP (SPP) conjugate
  • TMB substrate solution
  • Stop solution
  • Cytokine stabilization buffer (CSB)
  • BSA stock solution (10%)
  • Tween-20
  • ELISA plates with cover slips

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